A Midsummer Night’s Dream

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After a successful performance at the Shaftesbury fringe on the 2nd of July 2016. A Midsummer Night’s Dream emerged from Teatre to become a stand-alone production. From the 24th to the 25th of August we transformed Bierkeller Theatre into a realm of madness and melody, with an excerpt from one of Shakespeare’s best-loved plays. Having nearly 150 people in attendance, the piece converged with dance, drama and live music and created a thrilling, funny and impassioned love-letter to theatre itself:

An innovative re-imagining of the adventures of Quince, Bottom et al.
Imprisoned in a steampunk world of madness and machines, a sextet of bumbling, half-mechanical misfits escape their shackles and embark on a dreamed-up quest to perform in front of the King. Hampered by their faeries oppressors and their own malfunctioning bodies, beset by mishaps and incompetence, will they succeed in their endeavour? Who set them this task in the first place? Or was it, indeed, all a dream?

Directed by: Calum Anderson and Poppy Horwood

Peter Quince: David Cole
Nick Bottom: Matt Abbott
Tom Snout Grace: Mitchell
Robin Starveling: Martha Holly
Snug: Sarah Broadwell
Francis Flute: Chris Forte
Titania: Thomas Hatherly
Puck: James Reid
Cobweb: Amy Evans
Mustardseed: Beth Collins
Moth: Zoe Cotton

Lighting designer and operator: Will Ewart-James

The event was originally performed on November 7th 2015 at Fishponds Baptist Church Hall. See below for original castings and performance photos:

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The original cast members who could not continue their roles were

Tom Hunt: Peter Quince
Jack Finney: Tom Snout
Nardia Thornton: Snug
Olivia Vango: Robin Starveling
Peter Baker: Titania
Lawrence Haynes: Puck
Katie Anderson: Mustardseed

Lighting operator: Daniel Eccleston