Jessica Law and The Outlaws

Jessica Law banner

17th of June, 16:00-18:00, All Saints Church, Fishponds, BS16 2BW

Accompanied by her trusty mandolin and her itinerant backing band The Outlaws, Jessica Law will be bringing you a collection of beautiful, disturbing, theatrical folk songs. Covering subjects as diverse as wartime spivs, raising the dead and Dystopian futures, her melodies will haunt you as much as her stories.

Jessica Law has received the following reactions:

“A collection of intriguing folk songs, packed with expressive lyrics, strange rhythms and creative instrumentation.” –Ocelot Magazine

“Packed with emotion, surprise and wit.” – The Daily Album

“Someone… who’d probably get laughed off the X-Factor for not being exactly the same as everyone else.” – Nightshift Magazine

All of which, I think we can agree, are a good thing.

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