While Mortals Sleep


On the 23rd of July 2016, Tea-Powered Theatre brings its unique Teatre experience to Horfield Parish Church Hall. Opening Slightly earlier than normal at 3pm, but delivering the same high-quality Cream Tea before Dawn Grenade‘s performance of:


While Mortals Sleep, is an adaptation of the ancient tale of the suffering of Job. Known as the world oldest story, it examines the case of a good and innocent man who’s life is brought to wrack and ruin by a seemingly callous and uncaring God. It asks hard questions and demands hard answers from its listeners. The show is arranged and directed by Seth Bathurst and performed by Seth Bathurst and David Wilson.

Job Fyer front
“The Book of Job is an ancient and powerful tale. It speaks to people of all ages and backgrounds. It asks those hard, difficult questions of God: Where are you in my pain? If you are such a good God, why do you allow suffering?
Job’s story and its examination of suffering is one that has touched people down through the ages; it has connected and resonated for thousands of years and I believe the message speaks as strongly today as it ever has. This current age is one of war and poverty, great uncertainty, the mass movement of refugees and ever greater global hardships. People ask ‘where is God?’
My hope is that, in performing the story, their questions will be answered…”
Tickets are £12 standard and £10 concession, which be purchased can be purchased here. Your ticket includes the cream tea.