Upcoming Productions

The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Dr Faustus. June 30th, July 7th & 8th


Calum Anderson continues directing our annual summer show, this year he has turned his talent’s to a personal favourite of ours Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus

“Esteemed scholar, acclaimed physician, damned necromancer. Be she cautionary tale of unfettered ambition? Or a sad indictment of our materialistic age? This spectacle shall, through grand illusion and bold conceit, illuminate her meteoric rise and chart her Icarian fall as divinity, sin, power and debt vie for one woman’s soul.

Come, learned friends and educate yourselves.”

We are very excited to be taking Faustus on tour this year to The Shaftesbury Fringe. On Saturday the 30th of June where we shall be performing in Bell Street United Church Sanctuary at 4pm. Our traditional cream tea service will be available during the interval, in the Shearer room, although spaces are limited to 30.

Tickets are available Here